July 1-31, 2016

Please join us for the opening reception of our new exhibitions on First Friday, July 1, 6-9pm


Kayla Plosz Antiel

Artist Statement
I make paintings because of my acute obsession with the stuffness of paint—its color, mutability, sensuality, and more. Color is weird. Individual colors evoke highly particular emotional responses, but color is rarely hermetic: the interaction between traffic cone orange and over-cooked pea green, for instance, engenders something neither color can achieve in isolation. Capricious play with luminescent color drives Tenderfoots. Motivated by the inexhaustible potentiality of color, these works explore and manipulate color relationships within the constructs of an impure abstraction. Impure as these paintings are pulled toward representational ideas and forms: my paintings flirt with representation but are non-committal. There are hints or intimations of images that are never fully realized or are sometimes entirely unrecognizable. My process involves a psychosomatic dialectic: I vacillate between a sort of intuitive bodily sensuality and more logically driven formal decisions. As such, Tenderfoots evolved through the free-play of color and form, taking inspiration from things as various and disparate as Moroccan and Indian textiles, contemporary children’s book illustrations, and nineteenth-century French still lifes and interiors. 



Flesh + Bone II

Flesh + Bone II is Hillyer’s second bi-annual contemporary figurative exhibition. This juried exhibition was open to all artists living and working in North America, and will feature a wide variety of media from forty-four artists, twenty-one of which live locally, one from Puerto Rico, and one from Canada.

Selected artists include:
Gabriela I. Aguero (Canada)
Amanda L. Burnham (MD)
Ross D. Carlisle (NY)
Shamila N. Chaudhary (DC)
Celeste S. Chen (DC)
Christopher T. Corson (MD)
Julian Cushing (PA)
Alexandra Z. Delafkaran (DC)
Katie M. Duffy (MD)
Elissa Farrow-Savos (VA)
Marisa R. Finos (MA)
Ghislaine E. Fremaux (TX)
Yikui Gu (PA)
Mike Hayes (DC)
Ming Y. Hong (MO)
Teresa Jarzynski (MD)
Sally J. Kauffman (DC)
Blythe King (VA)
Lyle C. Kleinhans (DC)
Steven Labadessa (NY)
Sharon A. Lacey (MA)
Kirsty J. Little (MD)
Jillian Y. MacMaster (MD).
Antonio J. Martinez (IL)
Kassandra B. Mattia (IA)
Armaghan Mehrabian (VA)
Caroline A. Minchew (DC)
Duly Noted Painters (DC)
Kevin Quiles Bonilla (Puerto Rico)
Mojdeh R (VA)
Renée Regan (DC)
Sarah L. Sagarin (NY)
Aparna Sarkar (NY)
Suzanne D. Schireson (RI)
Terry Schupbach-Gordon (NC)
Ashley C. Smith (NY)
Zachary G. Thornton (MD)
Paula L. Torres (MD)
Lindsey A. Wolkowicz (NY)

About the juror – Lorelle Rau
Lorelle Rau is an artist, curator, and art consultant. Rau currently resides in Richmond, Virginia and works for The Anderson Art Group, a corporate art consulting firm. In addition she installs artwork for various clients and helps emerging artists develop their artistic careers. Rau’s curatorial experience includes Reclaimed | Retold in 2015, Sensory Overload at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 2010 and several exhibitions at Chasen Galleries and the Looking Glass Gallery. Rau is also a collage, mixed-media artist, exhibiting her work in galleries throughout the southeast.