March 6 – 28, 2015

Casey Snyder
Residual Forms

I explore my relationship with time by creating ambiguous images. Using mixed media and collage painting, my work unfolds parts of a story in a fragmented way. I use collage as a process of collection and isolation in order to reframe personal imagery using enigmatic plots. These motifs are in action when materials gather on the picture plane. The ambiguous spaces that develop serve as a container for the images I collect. Fragments become isolated from their original context, displacing the routine of domestic spaces into the peculiar. Curious figures, machine like inventions, cutout forms, and abstracted objects become visual islands, the edges of which serve as barriers.

Oil paint, spray paint, acrylic paint, ink, plastic, and paper are my methods of creating edges. Using a process of erasure, re-creation, and dissection, I force the elements to cohabit the same loosely defined space and create a logic of their own. Each layer struggles to clarify or obliterate the previous. I look for moments that balance the absurdity and spontaneity of collage with the fluidity and mark making capabilities of paint. Only odd moments prevent the entire scene from slipping into abstraction or an irresolvable dream.

Misappropriating and transforming memory to create a fictitious embodiment is what propels the work. This metamorphosis occurs when one image shifts into another, or when forms dissolve into the formless, often eliciting strong feelings of curiosity. Sorting through the tension and narrative leaves the viewer searching for an undisclosed secret as the means to access the dense and intimate moments depicted. The inexplicable leftovers meld into an assortment of jettisoned memory, misinformation, and imagination gone awry.


 Ruth Lozner

“What fascinates me is the intersection of two nearly simultaneous realities–while we live in the present, it is the past that is ubiquitous, indeed, omnipresent.” Ruth Lozner is immersed in the practice of making the immateriality of that concept into something tangible, redolent and evocative.

From attics to dustbins, Lozner rescues ordinary objects that suggest back-stories – a button here, a matchbook there, a shoe, a  chair, a fragment of a snapshot, a snippet of a handwritten letter, a broken clock case. Seemingly inconsequential objects can elicit a flood of memories and emotions. By juxtaposing and reconstructing these kinds of hauntingly familiar items into larger structures, the artist builds deeply complex and moving narratives.


Luis Flores

The words TESTIGOS (Witnesses) and RUINAS (Ruins) provide a parenthetical framework for my recent assemblages and works on paper.  Collectively, they read like silent, solitary documents of migratory movement and a changing landscape.  The fragmentary quality of many of the works, made of found material, alludes to a story of struggle and difficult passage from and to places unknown.


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Ruth Lozner
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Luis Flores
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