November 6-28, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday,November 6, 6-9pm
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My Kingdom for a Stage:
Contemporary Ibero-American Staged Photography

In partnership with the Ibero-American Cultural Attachés Association, photographer Susana Raab has curated My Kingdom for a Stage, featuring artists from 17 countries with work that illuminates a spectrum of staged photographic practices by contemporary Ibero-American photographers working in documentary and conceptual traditions.

Selected Artists Include:
Argentina/Irina Werning
Brasil/Mostra Tua Capa
Chile/Rodrigo Valenzuela
Colombia/Adriana Duque
Costa Rica/Eloy Mora
Ecuador/Paola Paredes
El Salvador/Fred Ramos
España/García de Marina
Guatemala/Mario Santizo
Honduras/Hector Rene
Mexico/Dulce Pinzón
Paraguay/Norberto Duarte
Peru/Rafael Soldi
Portugal/Miguel Proença
Uruguay/Roberto Fernandez
República Dominicana/Fausto Ortiz
Venezuela/ Francisco Elías Prada


Marisa S. White – Paradox of Time
The notion of time dances around the intangible. It’s ever present, never-ending, but in its most absolute definitions, exists only in this very moment. A place so many fail to experience as our mind transports us to faraway lands of the past and future. In Paradox of Time, Marisa S White’s photographs takes you on a visual journey through space and time, searching for evidence, exploring the past and the promise of the future, yet grounding you deeply in the present.









Leah Appel – New Work: Holga Panoramas
Leah Appel’s new work features work taken with the plastic toy camera shot around popular Washington, DC and New York City landmarks that have been double and triple exposed to create images that are sometimes frenetic and colorful, and other times quiet and haunting.