October 7-30, 2016


Rives Wiley
Dinner Party Download

Artist Statement

I envision scenes as a blend of the real, surreal, and virtual overlaid with an inner commentary and bound up by contemporary social conventions. In every sense, the figures are trapped in an image. They are confined to the scene in appearance, thought, behavior. My work attempts to expose the restraints, repetitions, acquiescence to social norms, acceptance of convention, and dissolution of original expression. 

Although my paintings, actors, and sets are painted by hand, they are intimately informed by a digital aesthetic and often attempt to hide evidence of the painter’s touch. This juxtaposition, or tension between the hand imitating the digital through familiar settings, strikes a chord within the viewer that persuades them to reexamine how they fit into their own realities.

Rives Wiley, born in 1990, is a painter and video maker living in DC.  She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013.  She recently attended Vermont Studio Center and was a 2015 Hamiltonian Fellowship finalist.  Her work has been exhibited in many group shows in DC and Rhode Island.


Joseph Shetler 
Regarding Space

Artist Statement

The presence and value of simplicity in my upbringing has greatly inspired my practice, both conceptually and aesthetically. Raised in a Mennonite family, the idea of simplicity pervades all aspects of life, from the modest architecture of our churches to our cookbooks, which are titled More With Less and Simply in Season. One of the theological questions we ask ourselves is how can we be in the world, but not of the world? Mennonite families typically live humbly; homes are not embellished with art, excess, or worldly items, but are rather of modest design, in which form follows function. One of the ways to live simply is to not place too much emphasis on the endless pursuit of worldly success, popular culture, and social media. As a visual artist, I create work that reflects these values; it’s a rejection of the things that I believe complicate our lives.

Regarding Space is a proposal of an ideal space to exhibit an Untitled series of 9 drawings. The exhibition itself would display each work in separate rooms, which would allow the materials to interact with light and space. This controlled environment creates a complete experience for the viewer. Regarding Space is meant to expose the complexities of the paper, graphite, and quiet forms.

Joseph Shetler (born Goshen, Indiana) is an American post-minimalist artist. He approaches post-minimalism with a Mennonite lens, basing his aesthetic off of anabaptist theology and simple way of life as well as art history. He was educated at Hesston College (A.A. 2004), Goshen College (B.A. 2006), and Arizona State University (M.F.A. 2014). He lives in Washington, DC. He recently has had artist residencies at Anderson Ranch, Ragdale, and Vermont Studio Center.


Jackie Hoysted


Artist Statement

#Voted4Pope is a public participatory art performance project intended to draw attention to the unequal status of women in the Catholic Church in a fun and jestful manner. It is a traveling trunk show of Papal regalia and props. Participants will don their favorite Papal outfit from a display of clothing comprising an array of Pope’s cassocks, mozettas, zucchettos, stoles and female shoes in Papal colors, white and red. The attire will be laid out retail style, according to varying sizes, just as they are for newly elected Pope in the Room of Tears at the Vatican. Participants can then pose as Pope and have their photograph uploaded to social media sites and the project website – as a form of activism. 

Anyone can participate in #Vote4Pope – it is an equal opportunity event. The conceptual basis of the project is to use portraiture as a tool for self-visualization and social activism in a fun and lighthearted fashion. 

The public can schedule an appointment for your Papal portrait via the website. Each participant should allow 30 minutes for each session.

Jackie Hoysted is a native of Ireland, currently residing in Bethesda, Maryland. She has a degree in computer science from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and a fine arts degree from the George Washington Corcoran School of Arts & Design, Washington DC.

She has had multiple solo shows of her artwork throughout the US, including Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Nevada and Illinois and has been featured in several notable publications, including the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Express, the Gazette, the Washington City Paper, The Pittsburgh Review and the Richmond and Baltimore Examiners’. The digital media author Scott Ligon selected her work for inclusion in his book The Digital Art Revolution. She is the creator of the project Send Me Your Last Cigarette, the founder of Countdown Temporary Artspace and visual arts curator for Solas Nua, an Irish organization that promotes contemporary Irish art in the Washington DC area. She is also a contributing writer to The Studio Visit online magazine. She has been the recipient of grants from Montgomery County Maryland and the Vermont Studio Center, and has had residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (2014), the Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat, Ireland (2015) and at The Tyrone Guthrie Center, Ireland (2016).