July 5 – 26, 2014

Reception: Friday, June 11, 6-9 p.m.

Flesh & Bone
An Exhibition of Contemporary Figurative Work

Hillyer Art Space presents Flesh & Bone, an exhibition that focuses on contemporary figurative art, pushing boundaries and providing a fresh look at the familiar subject of the human figure. This exhibition was juried by DC-based artist Judy Byron, and features thirty-three works by local and regional artists. Visitors can meet the artists and juror at the opening reception on Friday, July 11th from 6-9pm.

Selected Artists: Corinne Beardsley (MD), Jill Bell (PA), Daniel Brooking (DC), Sally Canzoneri (DC), Catherine Cole (VA), Catherine Day (VA), Mark Giaimo (VA), Tamah Graber (MD), Susan Grace (VA), Lillie Harris (MD), Shanye Huang (MD), Ginny Huo (MD), Ian Jehle (DC), Paul Kaller (VA), Jordanna Kalman (VA), Sarah Kaufman (PA), Stephanie Kay (DC), Micheline Klagsbrun (DC), Raye Leith (MD), Gordon Lyon (MD), Molly Marie Nuzzo (MD), Susan Picard (MD), Jenny Rappaport (VA), Caren Quinn (VA), Pamela Rogers (MD), Cathy Sawdey (MD), Nicholas  Simko (MD), Martin Slater (MD), Paula Stern (DC), Cindy Stockton-Moore (PA), Bernis von zur Muehlen (VA), Mara Wilson (WV), Ashley Wu (MD), Julie Zirlin (MD)

Juror’s Statement by Judy Byron:
Flesh and Bone – these words trigger key elements for me whenever I look at work based on the figure. Out of the almost 400 entries, I responded to those that spoke to me immediately with a distinct physicality and a sense of emotional and psychological narrative. My early training in theatre, and specifically an approach that emphasized the power of one’s inner and outer life at any given moment in time, continues to inform my own art practice and my appreciation of the capacity of the human figure, as a source of expression, both subtly and dramatically. With each choice for Flesh and Bone, I felt the figure deeply located in itself, in the moment, and (even if a portrait) beyond depiction. For me, the human figure is a powerful icon of all our humanity and a communicator of the complexities we share. On viewing Flesh and Bone, I hope you will find both pleasure and provocation. Thanks to all the accomplished artists who submitted their work. It was gratifying to view all your submissions. And I acknowledge the courage of all artists who keep communicating what is profoundly important to them.
   -  Judy Byron