The gallery is closed for the month of August.

Upcoming: September 5 – 27, 2014


Apocaloptimist: A Future True Story
Rachel Schmidt


I love stories – those based in reality and those based on the “realities” found in a surreal myth, legend, or fairytale. I use stories to guide my artistic exploration and they allow me to transverse a variety of topics and mediums. I am always searching for a connector between phantasmagoric experience and rationalized understanding.  My love of stories has led me to see landscape as a formidable force in any narrative, but what happens when the landscape decides to misbehave and become the protagonist?


Hillyer Contemporaries
featuring Hillyer’s Artist Advisory Committee


This group exhibition will feature select work from Hillyer’s Artist Advisory Committee, to include John Paradiso, Renee Stout, Pat Goslee, Lorelle Rau, Ellington Robinson, Cianne Fragione, and Pattie Firestone.


Michele Montalbano


This body on work is takes inspiration from three sources: the bible story of Babel, illuminated manuscript and typography. The objective of this series is to express the lack of understanding between people; the “us and them” that is created by a language barrier.

This subject is relevant in our current global and local communities.  Today’s world is a place where communication across the globe can happen with a click of a button. Yet, we cannot understand each other and resentment grows.